Compete in a Virtual Arena to Win Real Prizes

Sportland connects online gameplay with real-life gear on Roblox metaverse

Welcome to The Land of Sports, a virtual arena for competitive adventure seekers. Compete online while dressed in fresh gear! 
Upon entering, explore the land and the activities it offers, cheer for your friends from the stands, and enter games in the arena yourself to win.

Unlock Sport Superpowers

Gather points after every win! Points generated: +100 (Run), +200 (Parkour).

Unlimited wins allowed.


A thrilling race from point A to point B. Make sure not to slip, you do not want to drop in this water! Test your coordination and jumping skills over a pool full of sharks. Parkour!


A multiplayer game for you to try with friends. Ready, set, go – run through the obstacle course as fast as you can and try to cross the finish line quicker than your opponent.

Winners Get Prizes

Compete in the virtual arena and win actual sports gear!
 You can get prizes by reaching the top 3 of the leaderboard.

Play now for Sportland gift cards (redeemable on

1st place

150 EUR

2nd place

100 EUR

3rd place

50 EUR

Congratulations to the winners of the first two rounds, the competition is back on!

Next leaderboard reset and prize release: 15/07
Good luck in the arena!

Think of this as a decathlon – master the 2 games in the arena and get ready for a full championship in the future. 

See you at the finish line!

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